Mt. Zion COVID-19 Plan

  • Statement from the Mt. Zion School Board regarding the Mt. Zion Return to School Plan:

    The school board and administration appreciate everyone coming tonight out of concern for what's best for our taxpayers, students, staff, and parents.    Here we find ourselves at the 11th hour, with school set to begin in 10 days.  We want the parents and teachers of our district to know this fact:   A group of individuals worked all summer long to create the proposed district plan that we are here to vote on tonight.  This group of individuals includes a board member, central office administrators, the teacher’s union president, principals, and teachers selected by the union to represent them.  This plan was signed on July 24th by the union president, as well as our district's superintendent   Had the teachers union or superintendent refused to sign the plan, more discussions and negotiations would have taken place prior to tonight's meeting.  As a board, we truly love and appreciate all of our teachers, and we would encourage you to go directly back to your union representation.  As the semester progresses, we welcome you to come to the administration as a unified group of teachers to suggest a list of proposed improvements to the plan that was signed.   We need to implement the plan as agreed and signed, with the understanding that the district and union can continue discussing possible changes in the future.  It is our goal to provide the best education possible for our students.  The administration, the board, and centers for disease control believe the option for in-person instruction accomplishes this goal.   We look forward to continued conversations aimed at the best possible outcomes for all.