Driver Spotlight....Sherry Havener

  • Introducing Sherry Havener, driver on Bus 30. Sherry has been a driver here at Mt Zion for 7 years. Like all our drivers, Sherry enjoys her students. “I love the stories they tell me and their versions of how things go”

    When Sherry isn’t driving he enjoys animals, especially horses and was involved in training horses for over 35 years. She also enjoys movies and TV with her favorite movies being Pretty Woman and The 10 Commandments. Her favorite TV show is Yellowstone.

    When asked about driving for Mt. Zion, Sherry said, “I look forward to getting to know my students. You can never tell what you are going to hear about. Especially from the younger kids.”



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  • Driver Spotlight Manny Garcia

    The new school year is upon us and it’s time to start highlighting our drivers. I would like to introduce you to Manny Garcia, driver on Bus 9. Manny has been a driver here at Mt Zion for 7 years. Like all our drivers, Manny loves his students. “I get a real giggle out of them. They are amazing at what they know.”

    When Manny isn’t driving he enjoys playing guitar and going to the theater to watch movies. “I prefer the movie theater over watching at home. My favorite movies are the Marvel Series, especially Thor.” He also likes older TV shows like Kojak.

    When asked about driving here, Manny said, “I look forward to driving for Mt Zion. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, being here at Mt Zion is enjoyable.”