Professional Development Requirements

  • The ISBE clarified their definition of professional development as follows:

    “The sole purpose of professional development is to increase educators’ knowledge and skills specifically to impact student growth, achievement, and well-being.”

    Mount Zion School District will not be issuing professional development credits for any activity where the sole purpose of the activity is not professional development. ISBE considers committee meetings, faculty meetings, and curriculum meetings part of a teachers regular job responsibilities and will not allow us to issue credits for those.

    If you are intending to participate in an activity where you will be requesting professional development credit from Mount Zion Schools, you MUST complete the following procedure for audit purposes.

    1.  Fill out a Professional Development Request Form AT LEAST 30 days prior to the activity (the link is on the homepage under Employee and can also be found below).
    2. Receive notification the activity has been approved.
    3. Upon completion of the activity, you must fill out the Professional Development Evaluation Form (the link is on the homepage under Employee and can also be found below).
    4. Once steps 1-3 have been completed, you will receive your Evidence of Completion Form.

    Professional Development Request Form:  (Done 30 days prior to professional development)

    Professional Development Evaluation Form:  (Done after professional development)