• As a parent of a child at McGaughey Elementary, Mt. Zion Grade, or Mt. Zion Intermediate, you are a valued member of the Community Club, Mt. Zion Schools’ Parent/Teacher organization. Our purpose is to provide the schools with a volunteer base for events; projects; and fundraising, assist the teachers and staff as needed and show our appreciation for their work, and to make our children’s schools an enriching and fun environment. The money raised from our activities go right back into the schools to purchase things like music and art programs and supplies, PE equipment, PBIS programs, electronic signs, and clock systems.             


    McGaughey  Elementary Co-President:  Brittani Garner & Renee Menegay

    217-412-2319  bagarner90@gmail.com

    716-225-7484  neaneacc@gmail.com

    Mt.   Zion Grade Co-President: Alex Smith

    217-521-1835       Alexandria892007@yahoo.com

    Mt.     Zion Intermediate Co-President: Lauri Flaherty & Samantha Kelley

    217-433 – 6306  flaherty5@comcast.net

    217-420-0803 skelley081702@yahoo.com

    Treasurer:    Kristin Hillman

    309-363-0783      hillman.kristin84@gmail.com

    Secretary:  Jenna Stowers

    217-855-8901      Stowers0408@yahoo.com

    Chairman: Amy Schultz

    217-512-9293      Amyschultz678@hotmail.com


    Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or feedback.  We have so many opportunities for our parents to volunteer – please reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering this year!!!  We appreciate all of your help in making our schools such a wonderful place for our children!