• Mt. Zion Foundation for Quality Education

    P.O. Box 31
    Mt. Zion, Il 62549
    Phone 217-864-2366  


    The Purpose

    The Mt. Zion Foundation for Quality Education is a  non-profit, tax-exempt organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees  whose members are parent volunteers, business leaders, and professional people  from the community with a commitment to education.  

    The Foundation operates as an independent entity, established to enrich lifelong programs throughout Mt. Zion Schools.



    Foundation's Mission

    The mission of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of educational programs and services available to all Mt. Zion Students through the generation, attraction and distribution of financial and other resources to the Mt. Zion Schools. These resources shall be used to provide students with expanded and enriched learning opportunities. 


    The Board of Trustees   

    Betsy Tanner Chairman
    Katy Doolin Vice Chairman
    Jamie Foster Treasurer
    Ross Munsterman, Secretary

    Jessica Allen
    Zack Anderson
    Amy Brammer

    Tricia Erickson
    Lisa Flora
    Amanda Jones
    Billy Rockey
    Michelle Shumaker
    Mary Swartz
    Kristen Thompson

    Potential Sources of Funds                

    Cash or Checks

    Personal Property




    Please consider helping our students and teachers this year by donating!!

    During the past 30 years, the Mt. Zion Foundation for Quality Education has provided over 1.9 million dollars for projects including the purchase of items such as: Chromebooks, video equipment, band instruments, classroom audio/visual equipment, Kindles and E-books, science equipment, live streaming equipment, reading software and books, program support, flexible seating, document cameras, and IPADs.

     Students Using Technology  


    Projects Approved for 2023:

    We will have excitement this year as a result of the Foundation’s contribution towards the cost of purchasing various items in all grade levels including Interactive and non-interactive flat-panel TVs, PE Supplies, science materials, band equipment, books, curricular supplies, as well as materials needed to support the TRIBE freshman orientation and special education.

    In addition to the grants requested by teachers, the Foundation went a step further and allowed every teacher to request items of immediate need through the Foundation Mini-Grant program. This program allows teachers to quickly purchase items through an expedited process to bring immediate resources to the classroom.