• Learn at Home Plan for Mt. Zion Schools for COVID-19

    District Guidelines

    • Certified staff will be available via email during their regular contract times.
    • Administrators will be available by phone or email during the regular office hours for their building.
    • BASAP will not be open during Learn at Home days.
    • Extracurricular activities will not take place during Learn at Home days (games or practices).
    • No events will be held on school property.
    • No new instructional technology platforms or programs should be utilized during Learn at Home days with which the students aren’t already familiar.
    • Students should receive instructions for their daily/weekly assignments by 9am via email. Hard copies can be available via the school office upon request. 
    • No tests and quizzes will be used during Learn at Home days.
    • To ensure no student’s grades are negatively impacted during the learn at home days, no assignments will be graded.

    K-6 Expectations

    • Students will be given a daily English/language arts and math activity.
    • Students in grades 4-6 will be given an activity in Science 3 times per week and social studies twice a week.
    • Students will be given one weekly activity, in music, physical activity, and art.
    • Families are encouraged to save all work

    7-12 Grade Expectations

    • Students will be given not more than 45 minutes of anticipated work per day for each course.
    • Every class must have activities, regardless of the type of class.
    • Students are encouraged to save/submit electronically all work

    Students with IEP’s

    • Special education teachers will continue to collaborate with other certified staff to provide activities appropriate for students with IEP’s.
    • Speech and social work student families will be contacted weekly by their provider via email.