School History




     The Intermediate School was originally housed in the old high school building, a two-story brick structure, which was built in 1926. In 1982, this aging building was demolished and a new school was built on the same site. The Intermediate School served all of Mt. Zion's fifth and sixth grade students until 1994 when grade four was added. A new school for Mt. Zion's fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students has been completed. This new building is located across the street from the high school and junior high school building complex was built in 2001.

    In thinking about education in Mt. Zion, it must be remembered that Mt. Zion has a great heritage. Our forefathers were very concerned about the necessity of molding minds to help shape the future. Since 1840 when the first log cabin school house was built, Mt. Zion has been and still is a caring and farsighted community which poured out its money, time, and talents to bring about the education of children in Community School District #3.