Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    1)  Q What is the Bell Schedule?
    2020-2021 School Day
    Early Bird:  7:15-7:57
    1:  8:00-8:42
    2:  8:46-9:28
    3:  9:32-10:14
    4:  10:18-11:00
    5:  11:04-12:43
    6:  11:47-12:26
    Lunch: 12:26-1:00
    7:  1:04-1:46
    RTI:  1:48-2:04
    Regular School Day
    2: 8:37-9:22
    5.11:07-12:25 (A Lunch 11:07 Return to 5th hour class)
    (B Lunch  Go to 6th hour class after lunch)
    Focus Period: 2:05-2:30

    Early Dismissal 11:05

    2)  Q What is the grading scale at the Mt. Zion Junior High School?
    The Mt. Zion School District has a uniform
    grading scale.
    A 90% - 100%
    B 80% - 89%
    C 70% - 79%
    D 60% - 69%
    F 0% - 59%
    3)  Q What should I do when my child must miss school?
    The parent/guardian should notify the school by 8:00 A.M. at 864-2369. Parents must sign students in and out at the office.
    4)  Q How can I get make-up work for my child who has been absent?
    Homework requests will be honored on the second day of absence. It will be ready for you to pick up by 2:15 p.m.
    5)  Q Will my child be allowed to carry a backpack?
    Your child may carry a backpack to school. However, backpacks must be kept in lockers during the school day
    6)  Q Will my child have a PE locker?
    Yes, your child will be required to provide a lock for his/her locker. Your child will store his/her required gym clothes in the locker. These clothes may be purchased at the school during registration.
    7)  Q What do I do if I am moving into the district?
    New students should call the office for information at 864-2369. New students will need a birth certificate, a copy of a grade card, and proof of residency prior to enrollment.
    8)  Q Does your school offer elective courses?
    At registration your child may indicate his/her first and second choice of electives. Choices include Study Hall, Yearbook/Journalism, Computer Technology, Art, Spanish, French, Home Economics, Band, Chorus, Sound System and Orchestra.
    9)  Q How do I find out information about emergency school closings or alternative bus schedules?
    The School Reach parent communication system will be activated. Parents/guardians/staff will receive notification via home phone, cell phone, work phone and/or email. Radio and television stations will also be notified.
    WXFM 99.3 FM Radio-Mt. Zion
    WDKR 107.3 FM Radio-Decatur
    WZNX 106.7 FM Radio-Decatur
    WYDS (D93) 93 FM Radio-Decatur
    WEJT 105.1 FM Radio-Decatur
    WDZ 1050 AM Radio-Decatur
    WDZQ 95.1 FM Radio-Decatur
    WSOY 1340 AM Radio-Decatur
    WSOY (Y103) 102.9 FM Radio-Decatur
    WAND (7/17) TV-Decatur
    WCIA (3) TV-Champaign
    WICS (20) TV-Springfield
    School officials will make every attempt to have school closings posted by 6:30 A.M. If there is no announcement, school will be open as usual. Buses may run late due to weather conditions.
    10)  Q Does your school offer extracurricular activities?
    There are a variety of athletic activities in which your child may participate:

    Boys and Girls Basketball
    Cross Country
    Girls Volleyball
    Boys Baseball
    Girls Softball

    There are also a variety of other activities. These include:

    Scholastic Bowl
    Ace Club
    School Newspaper
    Student Council
    Office and Library Aides
    Art Club