• Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    What is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?

    Put simply, it is a proactive approach to school-wide discipline. This initiative is meant to reinforce the positive behaviors of students doing what is expected of them as well as support students who need extra assistance. The staff of McGaughey is focused on working with students and families to promote positive behavior in all school settings. We have adopted the McGaughey 3 R’s as our school-wide expectations. All students have learned and practiced the 3 R’s: Be Ready! Be Responsible! Be Respectful! A school-wide matrix has been developed to teach students what the 3 R’s mean in all school settings (see 3 R's matrix below).

    How is this program different from other discipline programs?

    PBIS teaches students expectations in a proactive manner instead of a reactive manner. McGaughey staff teach social and behavioral skills on a daily basis along with academic instruction.  We understand that we cannot expect students to effectively follow the rules until we have effectively taught them how. All McGaughey teachers and staff use consistent language and routines (see Common Language & Routines below ) with students to assist in making smooth transitions and to model appropriate behavior. As a school, we set goals to reach and all students are rewarded with school-wide celebrations after reaching predetermined goals. We also incorporate a skill-of-the-month program in which the entire building focuses on a particular skill, such as being a good sport. We set aside time each Tuesday morning to teach a behavioral lesson regarding our Skill of the Month; we call that time Cool Tool Tuesday. 

    How does McGaughey acknowledge & celebrate good behavior?

    When students are displaying the 3 R’s, any staff can issue Happy Hive yellow tickets. Teachers incorporate the Happy Hive tickets into their classroom management systems and they are also used for recognition building wide. We also have Surprise BEE-Days in which we target a specific day to have a surprise incentive in the classroom based on specific skills that we need to practice. All incentives and celebrations are supportive of instruction occurring in our building. Bus students are also recognized by their bus driver and the principal for doing an exceptional job at following the 3 R's on the bus.

    What are the consequences for inappropriate behavior?

    Teachers have individual classroom management plans that manage student behavior. All staff issue warnings prior to any consequence. If inappropriate behavior continues, teachers may require that the student take a time out, lose a classroom privilege, or lose some recess time. Time outs are usually 5 or 10 minutes in length depending on the misbehavior. In cases of major misbehavior (physical aggression towards others, major disruption to the learning process, etc.), students will be referred to the principal, and a discipline referral will be completed. Parents are notified of all major discipline referrals. Parents, teachers, and the principal work together as a team to manage student behavior.

    What can parents do to help?

    Talk with your child about the McGaughey 3 R’s. Ask your child about the Skill of the Month and sing the McGaughey 3 R's Rap (see lyrics/actions and video below). Complete the PBIS Parent Passport activities with your child. Overall, have fun doing activities together that promote problem solving and friendship skills! 

    Check out some of the helpful teaching tools we use below.

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