District Office Staff Directory

  • Mt. Zion School District Offices
    Phone Number:  217-864-2366

      Extension Email   Extension Email
    Dr. Travis Roundcount, Superintendent 1105 tr@mtzschools.org Nicole Green, Secretary to the Associate Superintendent 1107 greenn@mtzschools.org
    Brian Rhoades, Associate Superintendent 1103 bmr@mtzschools.org Paul Reeve, Transportation Director 864-5233 reevep@mtzschools.org
    Michelle Sturgis, Secretary to Superintendent 1101 adkinsm@mtzschools.org Paula Cawthon, Payroll Secretary 1104 cawthornp@mtzschools.org
    Renea Smith, Special Education Administrator 1417 smithr@mtzschools.org Darcie Hayes, Food Service 864-9450 hayesd@mtzschools.org
    Steve Blickensderfer, Maintenance 1111 blickensderfers@mtzschools.org Billy Rockey, Director of Curriculum & Technology 1310 rockeyw@mtzschools.org
    Grant Ryder, Maintenance   ryderg@mtzschools.org Chelsea Brown, EL Teacher/Director



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